Galway City


Join us for a leisurely stroll through the medieval streets of Galway, once an important trading post on the Wild Atlantic Way. Galway is known as The City of Tribes, with reference to 14 tribes, or merchant families who dominated the area for over six centuries.

The O’Flaherty’s are one such family who instilled fear throughout the region. Indeed in medieval times, the entrance to this once fortified city had inscribed “From the Ferocious O Flaherty’s O Lord deliver us”.  We will bring to life the events that shaped this city and enriched its complex history.

From the famous Viking raids, to the Spanish Armada, to Cromwell’s siege of the city and enslavement of the population, you will get a glimpse of what life was like both inside and outside the walls of The City of Tribes, for the past thousand years.

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