Galway Valentines – Love, Friendship and Loyalty

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Whether you are spending the day with a special someone or getting together with friends.

When our tours visit Galway, almost all the guests ask what is a special gift to take back home to loved ones.

The answer is very easy… a Claddagh ring. Of course there are lots of other wonderful recommendations. But it is only fitting to tell you about this iconic symbol and piece of history on Valentine’s Day.

Love, loyalty and friendship… the Irish Claddagh ring is the perfect choice.

Claddagh Ring Silver

Love, Friendship and Loyalty

There are three distinctive dimensions to the meaning of the Claddagh ring, which is Galway’s most famous ring. The Claddagh design is a heart in the middle of the ring to symbolise love. The crown seating on top represents the importance of loyalty in relationships. The heart and crown are then encircled by hands to symbolise friendship.

This story of the Claddagh ring or ‘Ring of Claddagh’ originates from the tiny fishing village of Claddagh in Galway and dates back to the mid 1600’s.

Claddagh Village Galway


You will find a Claddagh ring to suit all budgets and all styles. The rings can be found in silver, yellow gold or white gold. When you are presenting your token of love or friendship, did you know that there are a number of different ways that the recipient can wear the ring to signify their romantic status…

When you wear your Claddagh ring your right hand with the heart facing towards you, it means that you are in a relationship. If you are still single, the way to wear the Claddagh ring is on the right hand with the heart pointed out.

If you are married, the correct way to wear the Claddagh ring is on the left hand with the heart towards you. If you have received a Claddagh ring as an engagement ring, then you wear it with the heart pointed outwards (away from you) and also on the right hand to signify your status.

It was tradition for a mother to pass on her Claddagh Ring to her daughter when she turns eighteen. The girl will place the ring on her right hand with the heart facing outwards. This means that she is looking for love, a soulmate, a match.

When this girl meets the person of her dreams and decides to marry she will take the ring and place it on her left hand with the heart facing inwards – Heart to heart. She has found the one and her heart has been given.

The Claddagh ring become very popular outside Galway, especially as it was the only ring made in Ireland worn by Queen Victoria and later by Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII. Did you know that Dillion of Galway made and supplied these rings and was granted a Royal Patent, where this tradition is still carried on? Dillion of Galway has been making original Claddagh rings since 1750 in Galway.

The Galway Claddagh ring is one of the most romantic messages that is associated with rings, the Claddagh ring is perfect for the most romantic day – Valentines day.

Claddagh Ring styles

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, on the Galway Valentine – Love, friendship and Loyalty. A perfect gift – if you are planning your next Irish experiences holiday. Explore the very best of the Wild Atlantic Way with Colleen Irish Travel.